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About KMPA

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Thank you for your visiting the website of the Korea Maritime Pilots' Association(KMPA)

KMPA was founded in 1977. As of March 2019, the 246 licensed pilots are engaged in their duty at 13 pilotage districts and handle 137,000 shipping movements annually.

It is easy to measure the importance of the pilot as we realize that 96% of today’s domestic and international trade is transported through shipping.

By using pilot skills and their local knowledge, the pilot allows larger vessels to move safely within the limits of a port. In this way pilot contributes considerably to the safe and efficient handling of nautical traffic and the protection of the marine environment and infrastructure.

KMPA is trying to continuously improve safety management ability within the 12 branches and to continuously improve the quality of the service.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website, and invite you to continue your interest and join us.